Haredi Women Executives Advancing Social-Civic

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Development of a vanguard of accomplished Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) women executives that will advance solutions for social-civic challenges

the need

The Need

There is a core of successful professional Haredi women with the potential to contribute substantially, professionally and systemically to the social-civic arena. However, these women, generally do not promote social agendas or initiative community projects because they lack exposure to or experience with social activism..

The past decade has seen a substantial investment in higher education and employment of Haredi women, leading to an increase in Haredi women employment (from 53% to 78%). This has led to an increase in Haredi women in executive positions; now constituting 10-15% of employed Haredi women.

For this, two challenges must be met:
• Lack of knowledge and mechanisms for developing social perspective and engagement
• Lack of a platform to advance social-civic projects that can improve societal quality of life.

principles of program

of Program


deep awareness, sensitivity and familiarity with Haredi society’s values and characteristics


allowing expression of the diverse cultures and sectors within Haredi society through participation of Haredi women from all Haredi mainstream communities and sectors


promoting values of social responsibility and activism

program description

Program Description


Identification and selection

Identification and selection of mainstream professional Haredi women executives, who are influential in their local or public space



Training focused on professional development and capability, advancing social change processes, and social responsibility


Creating a community

Creating a community of equals for continuous networking and advancement of social change processes


Creating partnerships

Creating partnerships and initiatives among participants and societal sectors

our programs:

A program for the development of human capital and a professional reserve for Haredi women employed by local authorities.

In collaboration:

about the program

members entry

A training program teaching how to lead policy change processes relevant to community related systemic issues.

In collaboration:

about the program

members entry

A network of Haredi women executives, alumni of LIshma programs, that promotes solutions for social challenges and needs from a perspective of joint social responsibility, mutuality and networking.

Professional content

about the program

members entry

Lishma Events:
Partners and Collaborations

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