A training program for senior-level ultra-Orthodox women employed by local municipalities. The program provides knowledge and training for leading processes and promoting dedicated solutions, develops personal and professional skills, and provides support for urban projects to meet municipal objectives. Lishma partners with local ultra-Orthodox municipalities or those with a growing ultra-Orthodox population, and with Israel’s Ministry of Interior’s Professional Forum for Ultra-Orthodox Municipalities.


Senior-level ultra-Orthodox women employed by local municipalities are a tremendous human capital, with the potential for significant contribution to the social-civic arena and with the ability to significantly impact quality of life, by providing services to citizens in all areas of life, and life-cycle stages. Creating a common platform, providing professional knowledge and tools, and establishing values of social responsibility and engagement will enable leveraging this valuable resource for the benefit of the broader community and the municipality at large.

Program Goals:

Strengthening personal and professional skills with an emphasis on individual strengths, potential, and enhancing management capabilities

Imparting theoretical management knowledge and instilling management skills and practical tools to drive, lead, and implement municipal initiatives, and providing support for realtime challenges

Creating a network of senior-level ultra-Orthodox women in the public sphere who share a sense of social responsibility, engagement, vision and purpose, and are working for the benefit of the community and society

Target Population:

Ultra-Orthodox women employed by municipalities in senior positions and/or with broad public and social reach in the local municipality

Work Model:

The program operates in 4 major axes

Study axis

Theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experience using professional tools

Group axis

Creating a community based on shared values and goals, which serves as a platform for personal and professional development and growth, and promotes of solutions to meet the needs of the community and the local municipality

Personal axis

Professional and personal development of of each of the program's fellows, with an emphasis on personal strengths, skills and the realization of abilities and personal potential

Implementation axis

Assimilation of the learning processes through managing real time challenges and application in the field

Program alumni join ‘Lishma’s Network’ to continue advancing solutions to social challenges together, with a sense of shared social responsibility and solidarity.

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