Our Network Members

Ariella Yurkovich

Director of a community center part of the "Community Centers Network", Chabad neighborhoods, Lod

Atara Hepner

Principal, dance school in Bet Shemesh and principal, orthodox dancing band "Nashima"

Atara Pfeffer

Director department of development, producing and public relations and department of computerization and communication at "Bet Yaakov" in "Petachia" networks

Avigayil Goldfield

Part of the management and coordinator at a seminary for students from abroad

Avishag Baruchi

Director Center for the orthodox family, Municipality of Ashdod

Batia Shapira

Director department of orthodox special education at the Jerusalem Municipality

Bracha Kook

Responsible for preschool education at the Jerusalem Municipality

Chagit Abir

Principal "Science and Judaism" High School, Chadera

Chagit Feiger

Director field of junior high at the education department, Beitar Municipality

Chana Kuritz

Director of marketing communication and spokesmanship for the orthodox sector at the "Klallit" health fund

Chana Reem

Financial director and member of the directorship at the building investment company, member of board of directors at Meuchedet Health Fund

Chana Tupik-Afik

Journalist and author, editor of the women's supplement of the "Mishpacha" newspaper

Chani Bussy

Coordinator of Culture, Local Municipality Emanuel

Chani Goldstein

Comptroller, Municipality of Petach Tikva

Chani Katz

Director of the municipal hotline, Bne Brak Municipality

Chava Even Israel

Gila comprehensive high school in Jerusalem and conducting a doctoral research at Ben Gurion University

Chava Navon

Director department of children and youth at the Department of Welfare at the Bne Brak Municipality

Chavy Laufer

Head of the Development Unit at the Department for Fusion and Research of Information at the department of technology and computerization of the Israeli Police

Chavy Salomon

Financial director Rachip Verification ltd.

Chaya Diamant

Principal of Neveh Chava Karmiel High School

Chaya Gershoni

Attorney, researcher and doctoral student in the field of law and limitations, Tel Aviv University

Chaya Gross

Director of Administrative Services, district Modiin Ilite, Maccabi health services

Chaya Halevy

Nurse, director of health at the "Aley Siach" Organization´s housing solutions for autism

Chaya Mishan

Director High School Department at the Jerusalem Municipality

Chaya Wagshal

Director of the academic program at "Bet Bracha" seminary in cooperation with the Open University

Chaya Yosovitz

Director of a Network of schools in the diaspora and director of the "Immigrants with hope" center

Danielle Cohen

Event producer, head of the Artists and culture initiatives field at the "Orthodox Association for Culture and Arts"

Dassy Iloz

Director department of social activities, "Mifalot Simcha" network, Vice-CEO resources, Shmura community

Dassy Schwinger

Technical customer success manager at Coudinary

Dassy Stampfer

Director salaries department at the Petach Tikva Municipality

Dina Bratler

Logistic, Project and Procurement division manager

Dina Roth

Director professional development at a seminary in Haifa and leading instructor of pedagogic development at the Ministry of Education

Dorit Kaplan

Vice-director product management at BIScience

Dvora Aharonov

Director Eligibility and Budget, Department of Welfare, Municipality of Bne Brak

Dvora Biderman

Director of the Education department

Dvora Eiferman

Senior vice CEO, department of human resources, administration of rabbinic courts

Dvora Feldman

Researcher at the department of society and governing at the Kohelet forum

Dvora Weissfish

Director orthodox programs, department of employment for populations, Ministry of Labor and Welfare

Efrat Eshkol

Director department of education, Municipality of Modiin Ilite

Efrat Goldschmidt

Head of Student Administration, Ono Academic Campus

Efrat Rizenfeld

National Insurance - Tevel

Efrat Tzadok

Vice-director Pisga, Jerusalem, orthodox sector

Elisheva Freund

Accountant, director field of payroll control, Ministry of Education

Ester Horovitz


Esti Becker

Vice-CEO Moses Communication and Computers

Esti Rabinovitz

Social worker for rehabilitation of the disabled and widows, National Insurance Institute

Esti Rosenfeld

Formerly director of Kfar Shira - for orthodox girls at risk

Esti Stern

Serves as president at "Alma" high school in Nesher

Esti Teichman

Director "Part of You" - community of young orthodox women as part of the "Yated" program, Welfare Ministry

Eti Ben Shem

Director of a Graphic Production studio

Etti Klor

Rapidocad, Unilink

Etty Meler

Doctoral student and program director JFN

Feiga Weiden

Senior coordinator planning of welfare services, strategic department, Ministry of Labor and social services

Gila Camon

Administration and operation of initiatives and projects, Bne Brak Municipality

Gitty Meirovitz

Content editor, Barhal Group

Hadassa Black

Department head Communication and Funds, Municipality of Bne Brak

Hagit Schwartz

manager of "Lotus" Karmiel training center and coordinator of Torah culture

Haya Hofman

Director of the Educational Welfare Department

Henia Gelernter

Projects Director, Municipality of Modiin Ilite

Henny Halpern

Independent, Marketing and Initiator

Hodaya Cohen

Senior coordinator of financial control, examination department of the Ministry of Education

Hodaya Shabtai

Software engineering and product manager, Verint Systems

Hodia Gabrieli

Manger of Development team, Rafael

Inbal Ziv

Responsible for implementation of the Pedagogic and Administrative Flexibility program and Marom programs - orthodox department

Irit Winokur

Criminologist, specializes in children and youth at risk.

Itty Kritzler

Director department of special Education, Elad Municipality

Lea Brod

Advancement of academic studies for the orthodox sector

Lea Rappoport

Director department for strengthening the community's security, Modiin Ilite Municipality

Libby Yaish

Budget coordinator, District of Tel Aviv Authority, Interior Ministry

Lital Gila Harel

Department head finances and operation, coordinator site accessibility, Yad Vashem. Councilor for organization, society and business

Livnat Lewenstein

Director Department for Social Services at the Municipality of Elad

Livnat Vaaknin

Senior salary referent for human resources

Maayan Cohen

Program director Urban 95 for the orthodox sector in the Bet Shemesh Municipality

Mali Avraham

Various women's magazines

Mali Rosenberg

Senior Software Developer at Double Verify

Mali Shapira

Ministry of Health

Malka Roth

Projects director, National Insurance Institute

Malka Weinberg

Principal "Ohel Sarah" - Center for Education and Progress of the Special Child

Malkali Bloy Chanuka

Publisher and owner "Eshet" magazine, artist and producer

Malky Aharonovitz

CEO Financial Company

Malky Friedman

Director department of municipal services at the Municipality of Modiin Ilite

Malky Sheinin

Principal "Ilit Shuvu" school, Ashdod

Maya Amiel

Senior coordinator institution and junior high norms and responsible for the commission of licensing at the Ministry of Education

Mazal Ben Harush

Vice-CEO Marketing and Sales at "Gill Group" - marketing communication and media

Mazal Davidov

Supervising nurse of health services, Jerusalem Municipality

Mazal Tziprut

Family Magazine

Michal Monfred

Organizational Coach, director of crews and projects for various organizations

Michal Tzarfi

National projects Director, orthodox sector, Maccabi health services

Mina Malka

Director department grants and associations at the Beer Sheva Municipality

Miri Ben Hamo

Manger of Product Development team, Rafael

Miri Chazan

Director of a Network of courses for children on behalf of the Authority for the Development of the South and the Galilee

Miri Gafner

Clinical psychologistClinical psychologist

Miri Lavi

Director Department Education and Culture, local authority Kiriat Yearim

Miri Levin

Comptroller, Beer Yaakov Municipality

Miri Moshkovitz

Department director of human resources, Modiin Ilite Municipality

Miri Rottenberg

Director field of computerization and control at the welfare department, Bne Brak Municipality

Miri Shapira

Director center for occupational direction "Mafteach", Tsfat

Miriam Beckerman

Department head computerization and project director for technology, Israeli Police

Miriam Ben Kalifa

CPO and department head local municipality, district of Judea and Samaria, Ministry of the Interior

Miriam Konofnitsky

Senior Director of Torah Culture, Haifa Municipality.

Miriam Tzin

Director department of resources and communications, Modiin Ilite Municipality

Naama Nissan

Accountant, senior economist of medical services at the medical department of the Health Ministry

Nachala Goldberg

Project director Genie Energy

Nava Gluskinus

Director Bookkeeping Department, Modiin Ilite

Nava Ostrov

Coordinator of inspection committee, Bank of Israel

Nechama Barnett

Strategic counselling and project director in the field of work, training and community

Nechama Dory

Personal Coach

Neomi Biltzer

Bank of Israel

Noa Bookritz

CPA, head of the City Planning Department

Noa Kaplan

Accountant, Big 4 company

Noga Eshkol

District advisor, Ministry of Education, department for children and youths at risk

Odelia Melamed

Community social worker, Elad Municipality

Odelia Melamed

Community social worker, Elad Municipality

Orna Tobias

Director Rehabilitation Authority, Ashdod Municipality

Oshra Danoch

Accountant and attorney, director of the national help center for residents in the field of Corona grants

Oshrat Poltoff

Financial director Modiin Ilite community center

Pazit Rozentaler

Director of the Emergency Division

Peigi Rozenstien

Yad Eliezer (NGO)

Penina Cohen

National Social Security

Pnina Berkowitz

Director of a Center for Children and Families

Priela Eliav

Principal "Ohr Avner" school, Kiriat Yam

Rachel Brodbecker

Director Mental Health clinic and editor of psychiatric expert opinions for government bodies

Rachel Goldstein

Head of development, PRA Israel

Rachel Jacobs

Doctoral student and criminologist in the field of vulnerability and relations in the orthodox community

Rachel Kaminsky

Accountant, director enforcement residential collection, department of income, Bne Brak Municipality

Rachel Kremer

Service director at "Leumit Health Services" - Yehuda and Beitar areas

Rachel Lazar

Architect and owner of an office offering planning, management and supervision for residential projects

Rachel Levitan

Director of marketing and sales, Horovitz Group

Rachel Rabinovitz

Director and founder of the organization "On behalf of my Country"

Rachel Triesman

Marketing strategy for the ultra-orthodox sector

Racheli Brecher

Accountant and partner in a CPA firm

Racheli Chadad

Director, salary department, Municipality of Beer Sheva

Racheli Chania

Vice-director association "Ramah Yeshiva in Krayot" in Kiriat Shmuel, Haifa

Racheli Nogelblat

Kol Zechut (company)

Ricky Gelbstein

Director Maala Culture Center, Municipal Company for Culture and Leisure, Ashdod

Riki Klien

Bank Hapoalim

Rina Rotenberg

The Incubator Center

Rivka Bernstein

Responsible for inspection and development of local municipalities at the Interior Ministry, district Judea and Samaria

Rivka Cohen

Director department data and control, Bne Brak Municipality

Rivka Habib

National supervisor of Chabad Kinder gardens

Rivka Heinman

Attorney, owner of office specializing in all branches of Labor Law

Rivki Robenstien

Director of Advertising and Signage Department

Ruti Avramovitz

Principal " Magen Halev" Special Education School, Ashdod

Ruti Levy

Director of the "Ohr Chadash" dormitory for girls at risk

Sara Bloy

Coordinator of safety and intake coordinator, Municipality of Beitar

Sara Cohen

Board Director

Sara Gutman

Vice-director department of education, Municipality of Beitar

Sara Ita Aviad

Director of the early childhood department, Safed municipality

Sara Lemberger

Director of a community center part of the "Community Centers Network", Chabad neighborhoods, Lod
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