The alumni community of Lishma’s programs serves as a platform for personal and professional development and growth for our graduates, who together promote joint efforts for solutions to meet the needs of the community and Israeli society at large.


Every year, dozens of senior and influential ultra-Orthodox women graduate from Lishma's training programs. These women have deep ties to and connections within ultra-Orthodox society, represent the various communities within it, and hold senior positions in various disciplines and spheres. Lishma’s Network connects between them, pooling resources and abilities – knowledge, tools, a unified professional language and values - to promote social engagement, serving as an impact multiplier where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Professional and Personal Advancement:

Enhancing personal and professional skills and expertise through training

Holistic Support:

Support for initiatives and real time challenges as they arise

Collaboration Space:

Promoting collaboration and multi-system partnerships among network members

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