Our Staff

Miri Rozen

Founder and Executive Director

Former reporter and editor in the ultra-Orthodox press. BA with honors in social sciences and humanities from the Open University, MA in public policy from Tel Aviv University. Lives in Bnei Brak.


Chani Sabag

Director of Lishma’s Network

Former national pedagogic coordinator in the "Bnei Yosef" school system, former head of multimedia track at Beis Ya’akov, Bnei Brak. Former director of an employment center for young women at risk. Founder and Co-CEO of the social startup JOB360. Lives in Bnei Brak.


Tova Stender

COO, Director of Lishma’s Municipalities Program

Former special education teacher, former Executive Director of Em Habanim, an NGO which helps single-parent families. BA in education. Lives in Modi'in Ilit.


Efrat Cohen

Director of Lishma Policy North, in partnership with the University of Haifa

Former educator and former director of the “Netiva North” program, a career counseling program for young women from the periphery. MA in business administration and BA in informal education, Kiryat Ono College. Lives in Tiberias.


Maya Whitefield

Director of Lishma 360 . Former case manager in Maoz.

Led a Micro-entrepreneurship program in Nepal, Zambia, and Tanzania with Tevel b'tzedek organization. MA in International Development and BA in Political Science Sociology and Anthropology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Gitty Karpfen

Director of Lishma Policy, in partnership with Reichman University

Founder and former director of a company that develops technological solutions for fertility challenges. BA in psychology and management. Lives in Beit Shemesh.


Avigail Glis


Former teacher and educational director at the "Beit Chana'' College in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Former office manager at the Galilee College in Israel’s north. Founder and former Executive Director of "Yad Chana" - a community based charity organization. Lives in Lod.


Avital Sharvit

Director of R&D

, Founder and former director of the Academic Resource Center, Former coordinator of the professional development center Revadim, at the Beis Ya'akov seminary, Haifa. Coordinated the forum for training coordinators for leaders for Beis Ya'akov seminars, in conjunction with Israel’s Ministry of Education. BA in educational counseling, B.Ed and MA in education. Lives in Ramat Gan.


Devora Widman

Processes Leader, Lishma 360

Former director of social impact programming, with key positions in the NGO sector. BA with honors in sociology, the Open University. BA in communications, Tel Aviv University. Career counselor and group facilitator. Lives in Modi'in Ilit.


Ayala Ezra

Logistics Coordinator

Former coordinator of the special education transportation system, Bnei Brak municipality. Former senior clerk at Bank Leumi. Lives in Lod.

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